About Me

Hello, I am Natalia Araya

I have a strong passion for traditional techniques.

I find both metalwork and enameling fascinating for the richness of possibilities and variations, the subtle hues that sometimes are hard to perceive but express different emotional states of a given moment.

Over time and through my education I have learned to trust and enjoy the process.

I work directly on to the material, basically I think through making, seeking those moments where everything flows and there are no rules, respecting impulses and trusting my instinct.

Things I love

Natural gemstones

Recycling silver

Rich textures

Vitreous Enamel


Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, 1987.

Natalia completed goldsmithing apprenticeship in Costa Rica (2008-2011) and starting her own practice, later moving to Europe and finishing a degree as a Technician in Fine Arts, specializing: Art Jewelry in EASD Valencia, Spain. (2013-2017) .

During the studies she was selected to do a semester as an exchange student in the
Jewelry and Blacksmithing Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (2016)

Natalia has exhibited both throughout Europe and internationally. Most recently she was
selected to participate in Talente as part of Munich Jewellery week and the annual
Handwerk & Design expo.

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