The Smithery, Columbus, OH, USA.

Crazy beautiful life,  Richmond NSW, Australia.

Monkitree, Gardiner, ME, USA.

Tico Pod, Jacó, Costa Rica

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How to order

There are two ways to submit orders.

Directly on our website with a wholesale discount code. You will be buying from our current stock, so no need to wait for us to produce the products.

I can also send an updated line sheet to the  email address ​you provide and you can order through it, I will send you a paypal invoice for the total order.

- For custom orders please allow two weeks before shipping.

Order Requirements

$300 Initial Minimum Order

$200 Reorder Minimum


We accept major credit cards and Paypal.
Orders may be cancelled within 3 days of submitting the order.


We ship worldwide. All orders will by shipped by UPS and/or USPS.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees and will be calculated and added to the invoice.

In event of damage during shipping, buyer agrees to contact seller within 48 hours of delivery.